Coastal Connections is committed to working with Agents. With over 40 years experience in the Telecommunications industry, Coastal Connections has the expertise to work with you throughout the sales process.


Here's what we've learned over the years:

1. You don't want to prepare any customer proposals;
2. You don't want to prepare any customer paperwork;
3. You don't want to manage the ongoing customer service needs of your customers and
5. You want commissions on time every month

So here's what we do. We will Draft your customer proposals, assist you with customer questions during the sale, get on the phone or meet with you and your customer to close the deal, prepare all of the required paperwork to provision your customer after the sale, track your customer throughout the provisioning process to make sure they get turned up appropriately and we'll even provide a local customer service number to our office and take care of any post sale questions your customers may have regarding adds, moves, deletions or changes to their service or billing.

Finally, we promise to pay your monthly residual commission on time Every Month. We want you to do what you love, SELL.


Pre-Negotiated Carrier Contracts include:

Some of our agents have been with us for over 18 years. We pay them accurately and on time every month (even if we haven't been paid by our providers for the month yet). We look forward to supporting you in your development of a Telecom business.

If you fill out the Contact Us page with your contact information we will be happy to have someone reach out to you to review the opportunities and answer any questions that you may have.