How can you offer such low rates with such high quality? What’s the catch?

Advertising costs are the biggest bottom line cost at most major telephone companies. If their names are “household words” it’s because they’ve spent a ton on advertising. How do they pay for all of this? By including it in the price they charge you. The carriers that we use rarely advertise. That is why you may not have heard of them. This doesn't mean that they are any less dependable. It is a marketing strategy. By not advertising in traditional ways they are able to provide you services at deeply discounted prices.  Advertising is an attempt to create product image and brand loyalty. It creates an image in your mind, but in reality all phone service is virtually identical. If you want a brand name, feel free to pay for it. We offer you the alternative of paying less for the exact same service. There is no catch! This process is just like off branding, where a company wants to sell excess production or excess capacity and uses a different name to sell the same product for less without compromising the brand price structure.

Why should I deal through an independent sales representative?

There is a lively, competitive market for telecommunications services. There are over 1,100 telephone companies out there! Coastal Connections has no affiliation with any one service provider and therefore allows its customers to shop around and choose from many carrier options. You get the benefits of working with one company for all of your telecommunications and data needs without the hassles of dealing directly with each company on the phone.

We are happy to offer a FREE independent audit and written cost analysis of your current telecom services and present to you a number of options that will offer tremendous savings without sacrificing the quality you have come to expect.

You may be due a refund or you may simply not be getting the most competitive rates. Our service is Absolutely Free and comes with NO obligation.

We work for YOU!