Merchant Services

Coastal Connections has Hundreds of Retail clients with Credit Card Machines and Credit Card Lines. We are constantly asked who we would recommend for Merchant Services. Not only do we have a recommendation but, at the expense of losing revenue, we'll even show you how to eliminate your Credit Card Line and eliminate the monthly expense that goes along with it.

Coastal Connections has partnered with Nationwide Payment Solutions, a Nationally recognized Merchant services provider and they're located right here in Maine. They offer the most competitive merchant rates around and an IP connection that may allow you to eliminate your credit card phone line. We know how confusing the merchant industry is with over 300+ different rates offered by the credit card companies so we've arranged to have Kerry Porter, one of Nationwide Payment Solutions local representatives available to discuss your options. She will become acquainted with your business, its needs, review your current merchant statements and make custom not cookie cutter recommendations to streamline your business and save you money.

Call them at 1-877-839-5816 Ext. 703

You can also visit their website: Nationwide Payment Solutions