Long Distance

Long Distance

In 1995, our President was employed by Sprint's® largest long distance reseller in the country. Back then, they aggregated both AT&T® & Sprint® long distance services. Coastal Connections was formed in 1996 offering wholesale Long Distance Services. Whether you're an Enterprise Business Client, a Small Business Customer or a Residential Account, we have long distance programs that will save you money.

Coastal Connections has agreements with every major wholesale long distance provider in Maine. We offer Flat long distance rates with 6 second billing increments and no hidden fees or charges and no 10-10 codes to have to remember.

We have Switched 1+ (Outbound) rates as low as 1.9¢ per minute

We have Switched 800 Toll Free (Inbound) rates as low as 1.9¢ per minute

We have Dedicated 1+ (Outbound) rates as low as 1.4¢ per minute

We have partnered with the best to bring you the greatest rates and the most reliable quality of service.

Coastal Connections is pleased to be serving Maine Businesses as your Local, Long Distance & Data Telecommunications Agency. We are also very pleased to be featured by the State Of Maine Public Utilities Commission representing Maine’s Top long distance products for both Business & Residential consumers. It is an honor to be selected to represent Maine’s Best Long Distance Choices.