Coastal Connections offers businesses a wide range of voice and data services with access to more than 80 carriers!



The telephone is your company’s lifeline to productivity. With technology advancing at an increasingly rapid rate, the telephone is still the most direct way to reach customers, clients, vendors and suppliers. However, selecting the right system and services can be an onerous, time-consuming task. Every day the business world is saturated with a bewildering array of offers. As tempting as these options may appear, they can prove exceedingly expensive in the long run. There are literally hundreds of features available for today’s increasingly complex phone services. Your company probably has at least some of those add-ons. Even though you’re paying for those features, many are probably not being used. Indeed, recent surveys indicate that up to 95% of the features are never used within a company. Coastal Connections helps you evaluate your usage and works with you to contain costs, but still take advantage of cutting edge technology that you will actually use to improve your productivity.

Customized Service:

Coastal Connections recognizes the critical role telecommunications plays in business. For more than 15 years, Coastal Connections has stayed well ahead of the technology curve to provide clients with the options that best fit their businesses and their budgets. Working with you, Coastal Connections analyzes your telecommunications needs, develops a customized plan and recommends the most efficient, cost-effective system and streamlined services that help you work, better – with a better bottom line. In some instances, Coastal Connections has saved clients as much as 50% on their telecom bills! As a Coastal Connections client, you will receive continuing attention to make certain that your service is working effectively, meeting your expectations and delivering the cost savings as projected. Since all of our clients are non-fee-based, our compensation depends upon your ongoing satisfaction. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! Our carriers and providers compensate us when you stay on board and when you renew your services. We want you to be completely happy with our services. To assure this, we regularly review your suppliers, services, contracts, usage and expenses, and we recommend adjustments to achieve maximum efficiency and cost containment. Our objective is to provide you with Choices now and make recommendations as technologies change. We don't work for our local dial tone or long distance carriers and we don't work for our internet / data providers. We Work For YOU! Please read more about why we do what we do in the "About Us" section.

We are your single point of contact:

Our mission is to assist clients in navigating the complex and confusing communications landscape. We are able to provide clients with expert consulting and vendor management. By leveraging multiple carrier relationships, Coastal Connections is in a position to offer unbiased Voice, Data, and Auditing servcies. As a carrier neutral solutions provider, Coastal Connections is able to provide clients with multiple carrier service offerings while maintaining an objective position. This approach leads to the best and most cost effective solution for our clients.

As a single point of contact Coastal Connections acts as your outsourced communications department at no charge for as long as your company utilizes a carrier within our portfolio.

  • Voice, Internet, Data Networks and Hardware
  • Single point of contact - Coastal Connections eliminates vendor finger pointing. We identify the problem and then escalate through the responsible party / vendor.
  • Move coordination. Coastal Connections will manage the move of a clients communications service at no charge provided they are under Coastal Connections management.
  • We offer historical bill auditing for a percentage of the findings (customer invoices must warrant this type of service).
  • Consolidation of multiple carrier options on one easy to read spreadsheet. This allows for a "side by side" carrier comparison on one proposal.
    • Options that Work for YOU!

      Coastal Connections offers businesses a wide range of voice and data services with access to more than 80 carriers. We offer:

      • Local telephone service including unlimited local calling and a la carte per-minute plans
      • Long distance service with both domestic and international plans
      • Toll-free services with 800 inbound calling
      • T–1 access with voice-data and Internet in any combination
      • Hosted Telephony
      • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also known as Broadband Telephone Service, including both local and long distance with numerous calling features
      • Voice messaging and conference calling with a full range of audio, video and web conferencing and features designed to meet all your business needs

      Coastal Connections also offers cost-efficient solutions for your network services, including:

      • High-speed Internet / Data Access including Cable, DSL & T-1 service
      • Frame Relay & MPLS to maximize bandwidth
      • Wide Area Network (WAN) that offers a fully integrated meshed network for multi- location clients
      • Private Data Line Service to maximize the efficiency and capacity of your network
      • Cloud Based Solutions
      • IT Security
      • Managed IT Solutions
      • Credit Card PCI Compliance